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How can you identify and capitalize on opportunity?

How can you identify and capitalize on opportunity?

Seize the day

The rebalancing of global markets brings new possibilities, new ways of finding customers, and new sources of growth. But how do you identify where the right opportunities are for your business?

With an unrivaled global vantage point and presence, Thomson Reuters equips globalizing corporations with the platforms, cross-industry insight, and expert partnership to identify the right opportunities, consider them from every angle, and execute with confidence.

Five promising pathways

We investigate a few of the geographies ripe with opportunity. The high-potential markets of ChinaIndia, and Africa. But they’re only part of the story.

Mature markets have regained their luster – by 2025 many businesses expect the UK or the U.S. to be their most important trading partner. Finally, there are exciting new hotbeds of innovation with rocketing market potential.

“I sit in my office every day and say I’ve got to have higher market share in China than I have in the United States. I’ve got to win Brazil, I’ve got to win Africa. There’s no choice. I’ve got to, I’ve got to win those countries.”

Jeff Immelt
CEO, General Electric


Commit to a long-term strategy in emerging markets, says Philips CEO

Interview with Frans Van Houten, CEO & Chairman, Philips (1:38) Philips is one of the largest electronic companies in the world employing around 105,000 people across 60 countries.

Where are the most underexploited markets?

Shown here are the notable trends in markets identified as having the greatest opportunities, and a comparison of current and future opportunities by industry, as selected by C-suite executives.


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