Hanna Helin

Director, Perm ID & Risk Content

Hanna Helin has worked at Thomson Reuters in a variety of positions ranging from strategy to business development and to sales. In her current role she is responsible for driving data innovation strategies across the Financial & Risk division. Hanna is responsible for creating, planning and executing strategies to drive key innovation themes including big and linked data initiatives using various technologies. In addition to this Hanna is also responsible for the company’s initiatives in the crowdfinancing space. Strategy horizons for these projects vary from one to five years and have among other things included TR’s open symbology initiative called Permanent Identifier (PermID) and the metadata tagging technology called Intelligent Tagging. Previously as an Account Manager she managed major asset management and FTSE 100 corporation accounts in the UK and worked as a Client Specialist in the hedge funds space. Hanna has a keen interest in innovation and new technologies. She has two Masters degrees from ESCP Europe and University of Vaasa. Hanna has lived in six different countries in Europe and Asia and she is now based in New York.

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