Suzanne Barlyn

Journalist, Reuters

Prior to journalism, Suzanne Barlyn practiced law for three years. She has a B.A. from Wesleyan University and a J.D. from American University. Originally from Staten Island, N.Y., Suzanne caught the journalism bug as an intern for the local newspaper.

Suzanne writes a column for Reuters about compliance and regulatory issues affecting financial advisers. Those who don’t follow those rules fall under her watch, leading to stories about mismanaging – or even stealing – client money. She also covers FINRA arbitration, the closed and often mysterious proceedings where Wall Street and its customers resolve their legal disputes.
Before joining Reuters, Suzanne was a columnist for Dow Jones Newswires, where she also wrote about compliance issues. Earlier, she was a freelancer. Suzanne’s articles appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Time, Fortune Small Business, and other publications. She began her business journalism career as a staff reporter for Fortune.

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