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Engage – Toronto

Promoting Employee Well-Being & Human Capital Optimization

Thursday October 12, 2023 | 9:00AM-4:00PM ET

It’s said that an organization’s greatest asset is its people.

Indeed, as the modern business landscape barrels past the COVID-era inflection point, awareness of and interest in corporate wellness initiatives has never been greater. Against the backdrop of a fiercely competitive job market and period of pronounced economic ennui, leading organizations face a critical task of fortifying nascent or mature employee health and well-being programs as a core pillar of enterprise culture and policy.

This year, in response to popular demand, the Thomson Reuters Institute proudly announces a three city roundtable series on preventive healthcare management strategies for modern professional firms. Our program, designed for business leaders in the human capital, talent, compliance, and operations fields, offers a dedicated space for participants to discuss process, productivity, and opportunity with colleagues across a dynamic industry.

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Event Details

Toronto, ON

$295 USD

For questions about this event, please call 1-800-308-1700, extension 1 or email us at

Why You Should Attend

  • This conference offers a robust and interactive focus on preventive healthcare management strategies in professional services firms
  • Our faculty consists of creative and experienced industry and health professionals at the fore of this crucial practice
  • Participants are invited to share their own experiences, questions, and ideas throughout this workshop setting
  • Attendees will depart with practical, tactical, and digestible approaches for incorporating or benchmarking at their firm

Who Should Attend

  • Chairs & Managing Partners
  • Chief People Officers
  • Chief Human Resources Officers
  • Corporate Wellness Officers
  • Chief Operating Officers
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Senior Human Resources personnel

Chair(s) and Faculty

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Event agenda

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Thursday October 12, 2023

8:00AM–9:00AM ET Registration & Breakfast
9:00AM-9:15AM ET Welcoming Remarks
9:15AM-10:15AM ET An Ounce of Prevention: Embracing Wellness as a Comprehensive Business Strategy & Cultural Pillar

According to the CDC’s National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, preventable chronic conditions are a major contributor to rising health insurance premiums and employee medical claims—both of which are at an all-time high. Consider too that four of the ten most costly health conditions for U.S. employers involve either heart disease or stroke, and that work-related stress is now increasingly viewed as a major occupational health risk. Well-structured health promotion and preventive health management programs offer the opportunity to reverse this dangerous trend and should be regarded as a strategic business priority for a more engaged and productive workforce. This opening discussion highlights how and why all mid-size and large employers should invest in workplace health promotion to contain rising costs and improve the bottom line. Learn how are leading employers engineering greater employee productivity and engagement and fostering a sustainable culture of health?

10:15AM-10:30AM ET Break
10:30AM-11:30AM ET Show Me the Money: Measuring ROI in Workplace Health Promotion and Preventive Health Management

Supporting the health of one’s employees is a noble endeavor, yet many employers privately concede that the dearth of tangible evidence, or ROI, to justify the cost of such significant investment(s) can hinder the impact of workplace health promotion and preventive health management programs. How does an organization validate cost savings that are effectively preventive and may never actually be realized? This engaging session takes a deep dive into analytical methodologies that undisputedly and concretely validate measurable cost savings and positive operational ROI.

11:30AM-11:45AM ET Break
11;45AM-12:45PM ET Stress and Strain: Integrating Mental Health and Substance Abuse Interventions into Employee Well-Being Initiatives

Leading organizations have long focused on the physical health of their employees regarding dangerous, high-risk conditions such as diabetes, COPD, or congestive heart failure. Yet, more recently—and thanks largely to the COVID-19 pandemic—many employers have also begun recognizing the vital role of mental health to an increasingly diverse and remote workforce. As attested by numerous high-profile public health studies, elevated cases of substance abuse, bodily harm, antisocial behavior, and even suicide underscore the profound, multigenerational impact that recent events have had on the global community. This earnest discussion highlights leading best practices and available resources for comprehensive employer mental health and substance abuse programs today.

12:45PM-1:45PM ET Networking Luncheon
1:45PM-2:45PM ET Rewarding Healthy Behaviors: Utilizing Wellness Incentives & Rewards to Promote Behavioral Change

Benjamin Franklin famously quipped that one “attract(s) more flies with a spoonful of honey, than…a gallon of vinegar.” This adage is especially fitting for workplace health promotion initiatives aimed at encouraging employees to make healthier lifestyle choices benefiting both the company, individual, and their loved ones. Truth be told, it is the employer and/or health insurer who ultimately bear the financial burden for employee health costs, and many savvy human resources or corporate people functions recognize the value of gamification or other popular wellness incentives to promote a healthier workforce and business. This discussion highlights best practices and key considerations when promoting or rewarding healthy behavioral change.

2:45PM-3:00PM ET Break
3:00PM-4:00PM ET New Frontiers: Investment & Opportunity in Emerging WellTech

The recent proliferation of wellness technologies (“WellTech”) has afforded business entities novel and creative approaches to modern healthcare management. Indeed, thanks to ubiquitous hybrid work arrangements, technologies that accommodate a mobile and remote workforce are powerful—and ideally cost-effective—ways to spur engagement and promote healthy behavior change at both global and national employers. This closing conversation offers an important look at the benefits and risks of leading WellTech platforms currently on the market. Our panel will discuss where and with whom they’ve partnered on their employee wellness journey as well as offer advice on how each handles critical business issues such as data privacy and security among their third-party providers.

4:00PM-5:00PM ET Closing Remarks & Networking Reception

Please join us for drinks and conversation as we wrap up the day’s proceedings.

Thomson Reuters Toronto Customer Centre

19 Duncan Street, Floor 6
Toronto, ON M5H 3G6

The Thomson Reuters Toronto Customer Centre is a modern and energetic space designed for collaboration and engagement.

The Thomson Reuters Institute is working on securing a room block for guests near the conference venue. Please stay tuned for further details.