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“Those Darkest Hours”: The Future of American Security

Thursday December 02, 2021 | 8:30AM-4:00PM ET

2021 marks the twentieth anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. In the two decades since then-President George W. Bush’s vow to devote the “full resources” of the US intelligence and law enforcement community came to pass, much has changed. New alliances and global rivals. New technologies, policies, partnerships, and regulatory oversight. All to protect America’s borders from enemies both foreign and domestic.

Yet, for all the progress made in securing the nation’s borders, threats to U.S. sovereignty persist. Domestic extremism, as US Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has explained, is now the country’s “greatest threat,” even as concerns over another global pandemic, more natural disasters, or “aggressive” military actions from China, Russia, and other rogue nation-states loom large. This conference offers an important look at contemporary American vigilance and operational preparedness. How and where is the nation bolstering the homeland security enterprise? What role can corporate America and the private sector play in advancing public safety and awareness? Why has social media—and by extension, our digital lives–become the “new frontier” of terrorism? Please join us as we explore these and other key questions within a lively and interactive conference setting.

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Event Details

Washington, D.C.

$99 (Government Professionals) | $395 USD

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Why You Should Attend

  • This conference addresses the role of public private partnerships in advancing homeland security
  • Our faculty offers diverse perspectives from business, government, NGOs and think tanks to offer a comprehensive take on a nation in flux
  • Attendees will gain crucial guidance on how and when to anticipate, identify, or curtail potential threats within their own organizational walls and professional lives

Who Should Attend

  • Law enforcement & government professionals
  • Corporate Counsel & Chief Risk Officers
  • Corporate compliance leaders
  • Enterprise Security & Cybersecurity personnel
  • AML & Financial Crimes executives

Chair(s) and Faculty

Chair(s) Faculty
Daniel Garrie
Co-Founder of Law & Forensics LLC
Jim Dinkins
President, Thomson Reuters Special Services
Jose Caldera
Chief Product Officer, Acuant

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Event agenda

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Thursday December 02, 2021

8:30 AM ET Breakfast & Registration
9:00 AM ET Opening Remarks
9:15 AM ET Bold Alliances: American Security’s Relationship with the Private Sector

Effective homeland security requires a collaborative effort. Domestic and foreign actors, intent upon undermining US democracy, are launching diffuse, highly sophisticated campaigns to foment fear and disinformation in our daily lives. Federal and local agencies, including tribal and territorial authorities, work assiduously to curtail such individuals, thanks to productive partnerships with private sector entities or nongovernmental organizations that help fortify the homeland security enterprise. As we commemorate the 20th anniversary of 9/11, this conversation examines the scope and trajectory of the US homeland security mission vis-à-vis public-private partnerships and community engagement at home and abroad.


Kristina Tanasichuk, Executive Editor, Homeland Security Today & Chief Executive Officer, Government Technology & Services Coalition


Chris Engels, Director of Investigations & Operations, Commission for International Justice and Accountability (CIJA)

10:30 AM ET Morning Break
10:45 AM ET Patriot Games: The Rise of Domestic Extremism and its Impact on Corporate America

Even before the January 6 U.S. Capitol riots sent shockwaves across the globe, the decades-long proliferation of domestic extremism in America thrust the notion of liberal democracy into question. Emboldened, in the eyes of the Southern Poverty Law Center, by incendiary manifestos such as Pat Buchanan’s The Death of the West (2001), in which the former US presidential candidate cites an insidious “axis of evil”—declining birth rates, an atheistic Left, an unchecked “immigration invasion”—as catalysts for “the end of America as we know her,” many sympathetic parties saw—and continue to see—a nation under siege, requiring immediate, often violent (re)action from a band of self-anointed (and eminently sophisticated) “patriots.” This conversation offers an earnest take on extremist ideological movements today. To what do we owe this “cancer[ous]” social element? How is law enforcement responding to current and future threats? Who are the key allies for curtailing such fringe behavior? And what role (if any) should corporate America play in supporting law and order?


Dennis Lormel, Founder & President, DML Associates, LLC

12:00 PM ET Luncheon
1:00 PM ET Dark Horizons: Managing Social Media, Disinformation & Nation-State Actors

Despite its intrinsic value as an instrument for policy safety and community engagement, social media exists, in the words of Clint Watts, as a “virtual safe haven,” for extremist factions and enablers around the globe. Thanks to social media’s rote democratization, national security leaders are increasingly wary of how nation-state actors and fringe elements like ISIS are spreading dissident ideology through surreptitious, targeted campaigns. This conversation offers an earnest take on our modern-day social media ecosystem. How is homeland security addressing social media’s prodigious reach in an era when cries of privacy, discrimination, and first amendment rights violations grow ever stronger in the court of public opinion?

2:15 PM ET Afternoon Break
2:30 PM ET Out of Shadow: Combating the Evolving Illicit Finance Threat

With the inclusion of a provision in the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act to examine the use of new financial technologies in terrorism financing, regulatory scrutiny of cryptocurrencies is poised to take another step forward under newly appointed US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. Of course, even before Secretary Yellen’s arrival, anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism programs (AML-CFT) were seen as a top priority for both IRS and law enforcement officials alike. Indeed, if recent developments such as the August 13, 2020 seizure of millions of dollars’ worth of cryptocurrency from Al-Qaeda and ISIS are any indication, the dark world of crypto terror appears ever more pronounced and insidious. This closing conversation offers an important update on the elevated illicit finance threat environment. What regulatory actions are expected under a Biden administration? How comprehensive will a renewed multinational fight against terrorism financing be in today’s tenuous political climate?


Kieran Beer, Chief Analyst & Director of Editorial Content, Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS)


Jose CalderaChief Product Officer, Acuant

3:45 PM ET Closing Remarks
4:00 PM Networking Reception

Please join us for drinks as we wrap up the day’s proceedings.

Conrad Washington, DC

950 New York Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20001

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