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World Economic Forum 2018

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Breaking news, insights, and ideas from Thomson Reuters at the 2018 World Economic Forum annual meeting.

Insights from Davos

Expert insight

We need a sustainable, inclusive, and trustworthy digital future, where individuals and institutions can share data in ways that create economic and social value without jeopardizing privacy.
Jim Smith
President and CEO

Get up to speed with all things Davos with our daily recap from the World Economic Forum 2018 annual meeting.


Reuters Axel Threlfall discusses the global fight against financial crime with David Craig, President of Financial and Risk, and Robert Wainwright of Europol.


EY CEO Mark Weinberger and Thomson Reuters Tax and Accounting President Brian Peccarelli discuss the 2018 tax outlook for corporations and the impacts and ramifications of U.S. tax reform.

Our experts shape the conversation at Davos.

Davos Today

Davos Today is the official television program of the World Economic Forum annual meeting, produced by Reuters. Featuring conversations with world leaders, policymakers, CEOs, and influential thinkers.