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At Thomson Reuters, we empower our customers to act with confidence in a complex world. Our talented, global workforce makes it possible. Career opportunities at Thomson Reuters span diverse industries, countries and cultures. Bring your collaborative spirit and together we’ll shape the future.

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Bring your gift for finding clarity in complexity

Our industry experts provide targeted industry analysis to give our customers the tools and services that uncover the answers that matter.

The industries we serve are continually evolving. As an industry expert at Thomson Reuters, you will help guide that change, leading us to new ideas, new methods and new opportunities. Here, you’ll share a global stage of vast opportunity, working and exploring alongside some of the brightest minds in your field.

Agility and continuous learning go with the territory. You will expand your knowledge by collaborating with a diverse group of experts, helping others learn by sharing your industry analysis insights and ideas.

Bring your expertise and together we’ll lead global business transformation.

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