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Designed for current and prospective Thomson Reuters employees, customers, investors, and more, the Our Story app provides a rich, interactive look inside Thomson Reuters.

Featuring: Videos, interactive timelines, infographics, and more.

Major sections include: Who We Are, What We Do, Where We’re Going, Remarkable Facts and Quick Links.

We are Thomson Reuters - The Answer Company. This is Our Story.

Who we are

Get a brief look at the industries we serve via our five major business units: Financial & Risk, Global Growth & Operations, Legal, Reuters, and Tax & Accounting

What we do

See how our products and services work together in and across different industries to give our customers the trusted answers they need. Find out how our employees, our products and services, and our customers are changing the world for good.

Where we're going

Explore recent developments, trends, and current thought leadership in the industries we serve. Learn how we’re working to help our customers manage new challenges and take advantage of new opportunities.