alba melchor

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Alba Melchor

Product Specialist, Customer Experience

Every decision maker, be it a bank, a corporation, a government or even a lay citizen, bases their decisions on information. These decisions are only as good as the information they have. Contributing to providing accurate, relevant and speedy information to help make informed decisions is what makes me wake up with a smile. Thomson Reuters changes the world for the better by revealing stories that otherwise go untold, by sharing information free of bias and opinion. This sheds light on complex events and allows for a better understanding of them. Thomson Reuters helps fight crimes, such as slavery and money laundering, by tracing and analyzing data and financial transactions. 

Some may think that, in a short time and in a junior position, it's difficult to make a great impact. I disagree. I think my greatest impact has been the fresh perspective I bring to processes that had never been challenged and an infectious energy that uplifts the team and makes working a bit more fun.

Meet our people

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