Meet Benjamin B.

Sr. Director, Strategic Planning, Legal, New York, U.S.

I admire the work journalists do, so the Reuters brand is what drew me to Thomson Reuters initially. I was also inspired by feedback from older classmates who had joined the Thomson Reuters Management Associates Program (MAP) a year ahead of me. As I progressed through the recruiting process, I realized I had a good cultural fit with many middle managers and senior leaders I met.

Getting into the MAP program, there were two skill sets I wanted to develop: business development and sales management. I worked on M&A projects in Russia, India, and California, interacted directly with the senior management of the firms we were trying to acquire. I then served in a market development role in the Go To Market organization, working directly with the sales teams. These experiences proved invaluable in my current role, developing product strategies for our Legal business.

"The variety of rotations and exposure to senior leadership offered by the Management Associates Program (MAP) ultimately drove my decision to accept the offer."

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