Meet Jill S.

Senior Director, Marketing, Know How and Legal Workflow, Legal, Minnesota, U.S.

Thomson Reuters offers a broad spectrum of opportunities, both professionally and personally. With its diverse focus and geographic footprint, I have been able to accumulate many different experiences, including internal consulting across multiple functional areas, international strategy with an assignment in London, and movement between sister companies.

While no two days are the same, there are some themes—white-boarding new ideas or approaches with my talented team, problem-solving with key stakeholders to overcome a challenging timeline or market change, or listening to customers to better understand their needs and how we can help. I am passionate about articulating the value we deliver to customers clearly and in a compelling way.

"In a few short years, and with the support and flexibility offered by Thomson Reuters, I've established a broad foundation of skills and experiences that can lead me in many interesting directions."

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