Meet Karen H.

Executive Editor, Tax & Accounting, Texas, U.S.

In 1993, I had three small children and I was working an incredible amount of hours for one of the big eight accounting firms. I came to Thomson Reuters for a better work/life balance and have achieved that since the day I walked in the door. Here, I am able to have a career, continue to learn, and be a part of my children’s school and sports activities.

I really like the flexibility I have in my position. Although core hours are expected and overtime is needed at certain times in a project, I can work in a doctor’s appointment, volunteer time, and vacation time without interrupting anyone else’s workflow or ability to get their job done. I also like how Thomson Reuters allows and encourages volunteer time. With my children grown, I work charity into my work/life balance.

"I love that learning is part of my everyday life at Thomson Reuters. Being a CPA in the tax industry with ever-changing laws, cases to analyze, and IRS guidance to sift through, work is never boring."

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