September 26, 2016

Thomson Reuters Elite Unveils New Version of 3E

Brings standardized workflows for common tasks, speeds implementation, delivers superior functionality and performance

London – Thomson Reuters Elite revealed its latest version of 3E® to customers at its annual VANTAGE users conference in London. 3E 2.8 includes standardized workflows new to the software suite, along with more than 175 enhancements to further improve the market-leading enterprise management solution’s functionality, performance and usability.  

According to Eric Ruud, managing director of Thomson Reuters Elite, the new version of 3E will change the way organizations use enterprise technology to drive their business. “While this version of 3E is as customizable as those previous, the strategy driving 2.8 development included the addition of standard workflows, which specifically target implementation time and lower the cost of ownership. Built upon best practices, the new standard workflows offer configuration options instead of requiring customizations.”

New embedded workflows include trust disbursement request, voucher payment approval, write-off approval, office account payment request, and proforma-to-billing. There also are a large number of standard templates, reports and presentations that reduce implementation duration for new customers and lower the cost of ownership for existing ones.

The latest version of 3E also has significant improvements to existing functionality to deliver entirely new capabilities. New features such as entity merge and a second set of phase, task and activity codes allow users to work more efficiently, and give firms the capability to track more explicit information related to their processes, and produce leaner and more effective data. 

Working with Customers

Like many other new product initiatives across Thomson Reuters, 3E 2.8 was created by working directly with select customers. The firms, GableGotwals®; Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox; and Quinn Emanuel were provided access to the pilot release. Working closely with the 3E product management and engineering teams, the firms provided valuable feedback to Elite which helped ensure the launch of a quality product. Both GableGotwals and Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox are live on the new version of 3E now, and Quinn Emanuel is moving into production with 2.8 as a result of their experience in the pilot program.

“Firms are undergoing enormous pressure to be more efficient, so change is continual,” said Ruud. “By working closely with innovative customers, we can be assured that the product we release to the market will immediately benefit both current and new customers, saving time and money and helping to more quickly maximize their investment.”

“We’ve been very pleased to participate in the 2.8 pilot program,” said Chief Financial Officer Tom Annick of Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox. “We understood that there might be some bumps in the road, but we appreciated the opportunity to participate, and we benefitted from the onsite and remote support that the Product Management team provided during our pilot testing. The Elite team has been very supportive and responsive to the issues we reported during the pilot and to providing the fixes we needed to go into production. We’re looking forward to continuing on the 2.8 road.” 

“We’re impressed with the 3E 2.8 release,” said Mark Burt, accounting manager at GableGotwals. “As a result of participating in the pilot program, we are now live on the new version and happy with its functionality and performance. Elite’s commitment to partnering with customers to develop and test new features gives us great confidence that we have the right technology partner for what we need both today and in the future.”

Customer feedback also has improved overall product performance, with many of the enhancements attributable to the 3E Performance Response Team and their work with customers during the past 12 months. With the team’s findings, the business was able to dramatically improve its internal processes for diagnosing and addressing performance issues. Users now will experience more streamlined processes, faster processing and the ability to conduct daily actions at a quicker pace.

New Products and Tools

Launching in tandem with 3E 2.8, the new Monitoring & Diagnostics module will help firms track 3E usage and performance spikes, troubleshoot issues and proactively monitor their 3E system. Monitoring & Diagnostics will expand its capabilities across the Elite product suites in future versions. Additionally, the new 3E Studio allows for custom 3E development via standard Microsoft® Visual Studio capabilities.

3E is an integral component of the Elite Enterprise Business Management Solution, a comprehensive suite designed to help clients manage all operational aspects of their business. Visit 3E for more information.

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