Emerging Markets

Act before the market moves. Financial news and data for those trading in or with emerging markets.

With over a century’s experience in emerging markets Thomson Reuters delivers regional financial communities with breaking trading news and analytics, enhanced with locally relevant insight and independent commentary from Reuters journalists.

Clients who trade in equities in Brazil, China, India and the Middle East rely on real-time regional Thomson Reuters financial news and data, and benefit from daily interaction with hundreds of market professionals across the emerging markets community. 

Emerging Markets Products:

Thomson Reuters Eikon

Eikon is the most intuitive and comprehensive way of staying informed. Company and industry views provide top-level summaries, and then detailed information is just a click away. Identify new opportunities and gain deep understanding of markets, industries, companies and events. With natural-language search, you can quickly find news, charts, deals information, research reports and analytics.

Ideal Ratings Sharia Fund Management & Purification Services

Screens and manages the compliance cycle for sharia-compliant products, such as funds and indices. Provides up-to-date information and analysis on publicly listed securities with regard to their sharia-compliance and performance.

Thomson Reuters Eikon Messenger

Connect and collaborate with over 250,000 financial professionals around the globe, share live data, charts and analytics and benefit from our editorial-led forums


Zawya Islamic makes Shariah-compliant investment and decision making with the Islamic markets easier.

Data and Information Technology Platforms

Thomson Reuters technology solutions connect you with the latest Islamic banking news and asset classes, and over 250,000 market players around the globe.

Islamic Finance Gateway Analytics

Analysis of opaque markets, giving investors a neutral and trusted brand. We produce two unique types of report, one focuses on countries offering Islamic finance and one focuses on institutions offering Islamic financial services.

DataScope Equities

The equities data your enterprise needs to stay competitive. Daily updates include end-of-day pricing, global T&Cs and cross-reference market identifiers.

Eikon Sell-Side Research

Gain the edge on what’s driving the industry. Thomson Reuters Eikon sell-side research gives you news, world-class content, analytics, and trusted tools.

Islamic Finance Gateway Solutions

Receive timely and relevant primary data based insights and analysis into Islamic finance markets, harnessing the most extensive data warehouse in the world combined with our localised capabilities in each market, country and city.

Islamic Indices

Thomson Reuters/IdealRatings Indices cover the most popular Islamic investment destinations, such as BRIC, MENA, Malaysia, UAE and Global Healthcare.

Islamic Interbank Benchmark Rate (IIBR)

The IIBR utilizes contributions from up to 18 major Islamic banks & Islamic banking windows & provides a robust indicator of the average expected cost of short term interbank funding for the Islamic finance industry