Financial Market Research

The news, data and tools you need to conduct broad and in-depth analysis of the global financial markets

To understand and analyze today’s dynamic, global financial markets you require real time commentary and analysis, broad in-depth and up-to-date company and market data as well as the right tools to visualize and act on that information.

Thomson Reuters decades of experience in the global markets enable us to offer a wealth of content and solutions that enable you to quickly develop non-consensus insight. 

Financial Market Research Products:

Reference Data

Providing the global financial and investment management community with the most comprehensive reference data.

Diversity and Inclusion Index

Index and ESG data that cover measures of diversity, inclusion and people development for 5000 publicly listed companies.

Insight and Commentary

Get reliable investment insights and the latest commentary and opinion from Lipper analysts.


Thomson Reuters StockReports+ stock analysis reports simplify the process of evaluating stocks, finding new trading ideas and understanding industry trends. Combines our independent research, ratings and market data for global companies across 50 different markets.

I/B/E/S Estimates

Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S Estimates – the industry standard for analyst detail, consensus and aggregates data, company guidance data and advanced analytics.


Research company financials confidently with Thomson Reuters Fundamentals, from developed to emerging markets.

Thomson ONE Corporate Intelligence

Crucial market intelligence with Thomson ONE Corporate Intelligence. Identify growth opportunities, monitor developments and research your peers.

SDC Platinum

SDC Platinum is the industry standard for information on bond and equity new issues, financial securities, M&A, syndicated loans, poison pills and more.

IFR Asia

Stay informed with Asia’s most authoritative capital markets magazine, accessing unrivalled coverage of bond, loan and equity markets plus important trends and news.

StarMine Monitor

Measures the performance of your research team and evaluates the profitability of buy/sell/hold recommendations and the accuracy of earnings estimates. Gain valuable insight into what’s working and, perhaps more importantly, what isn’t.

Eikon Sell-Side Research

Gain the edge on what’s driving the industry. Thomson Reuters Eikon sell-side research gives you news, world-class content, analytics, and trusted tools.

IFR Markets

Broken down into three distinct products: Rates, Credit and ForexWatch. With over 70 analysts worldwide, our unique combination of commentary, analysis, data and forecasting makes IFR Markets the place to go for market flow and sentiment.

Company Events Coverage

Through Thomson Reuters Eikon, Company Events Coverage integrates corporate disclosure and brokerage event information with other leading market company data.