Hedge Funds

Differentiated content can make all the difference for hedge fund success

Keeping costs low and returns high. It’s no easy feat for hedge funds given today’s increased regulatory demands and market volatility. That’s why many of the world’s leading hedge funds turn to Thomson Reuters. Nobody can compete with our depth and breadth of content. And that differentiated market data, analytics and global news can make all the difference when it comes to seizing more opportunities and driving superior returns. 

Hedge Funds Products:

Thomson Reuters Eikon

Eikon is the most intuitive and comprehensive way of staying informed. Company and industry views provide top-level summaries, and then detailed information is just a click away. Identify new opportunities and gain deep understanding of markets, industries, companies and events. With natural-language search, you can quickly find news, charts, deals information, research reports and analytics.

Reference Data

Providing the global financial and investment management community with the most comprehensive reference data.

Elektron as a Service

Elektron as a Service offers a suite of global hosting capabilities, letting you focus on aspects of your business that generate the largest returns, while leveraging a fully managed set of infrastructure, data and application solutions to support trading.

Thomson Reuters Dealing

A peer-to-peer conversational trading system that connects you with the largest, most established FX and money market community in the world.

Tick History

Provides 2 petabytes of microsecond, time-stamped tick data – dating back to January 1996 – covering more than 45 million OTC and exchange-traded global instruments. Accessible through the Web or with a common programmatic interface.

Thomson Reuters FXall

The world’s leading electronic trading platform with a broad suite of tools, FXall gives you the edge with desktop access to everything you need.

Thomson Reuters Eikon Messenger

Connect and collaborate with over 250,000 financial professionals around the globe, share live data, charts and analytics and benefit from our editorial-led forums

Insight and Commentary

Get reliable investment insights and the latest commentary and opinion from Lipper analysts.

I/B/E/S Estimates

Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S Estimates – the industry standard for analyst detail, consensus and aggregates data, company guidance data and advanced analytics.


Research company financials confidently with Thomson Reuters Fundamentals, from developed to emerging markets.

Deals Business Intelligence

Deals Business Intelligence is a dynamic business intelligence analysis and reporting application, designed for strategy and business planning groups in investment banks.

Entity Risk

Meet your compliance, audit and legal entity data management requirements with the most complete entity risk source available for understanding complex corporate structures.


StarMine provides unique value-added analytics and predictive financial modeling, dedicated to making investment research smarter.

FX Matching

FX Matching is an anonymous electronic matching application for the foreign exchange market. This suite includes Thomson Reuters Forward Matching, Thomson Reuters Spot Matching and Thomson Reuters Matching for Prime Brokerage

DataScope Select

A full, cross-asset data delivery offering built for best coverage, reliability and high performance. Get pricing, reference data and derived analytics in a single view.

Pricing Data Services

Thomson Reuters asset pricing services give you transparent, independent and accurate pricing data you can count on.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Thomson Reuters Mergers and Acquisitions empowers merger arbitrage modeling through robust time series content.

Company Events Coverage

Through Thomson Reuters Eikon, Company Events Coverage integrates corporate disclosure and brokerage event information with other leading market company data.

Equity Markets

A trader's central resource of content, connections and tools to get you ahead of the equity markets and the competition.

Thomson Reuters KYC as a Service

A global KYC managed service which empowers investment managers to simplify and streamline their KYC processes, and accelerate the ability to do business.