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News and Insight Products:

Thomson Reuters Eikon

Eikon is the financial analysis desktop and mobile solution that connects you to relevant, trusted content, Reuters news, venues, markets, liquidity pools, and colleagues.

Reuters News

Reuters news team publishes 7 million articles every year, spanning every global asset class, including equities, foreign exchange, commodities, fixed income, alternative investments, and real estate.

Machine Readable News

The industry’s most advanced service for automating the consumption and systematic analysis of news and social media. It delivers deep historical news archives, ultra-low-latency structured news and leading-edge news analytics.

Thomson Reuters Knowledge Direct API

Knowledge Direct APIs integrate into your website, trading platform, company intranet/extranet, advisory portal and mobile applications to provide up-to-date financial market data, news and analytics and powerful investment tools.


Get simplified, cost-efficient market data delivery with Thomson Reuters digital solutions financial data api.

Reuters Insider

Reuters Insider is a revolutionary video platform, designed for the financial community, with news content from Reuters and a network of trusted partners.

Small Business Indices

The PayNet Small Business Lending Index use market insights from the commercial credit industry to better understand economic performance.

IFR Briefings

Essential and concise reports, providing news and insight on focused regions and asset classes. IFR Briefings are delivered daily and now available on Eikon.

International Financing Review (IFR)

The world’s leading source of news and expert commentary for fixed income, global capital markets and investment banking professionals.