Thomson Reuters Elektron

Powering the enterprise, connecting global markets

Thomson Reuters Elektron is a suite of data and trading propositions, including low latency feeds along with the analytics, enterprise platform and transactional connectivity to support any workflow application.

All of these capabilities can be deployed at a customer location or delivered as a fully managed service from any one of our co-location and proximity hosting sites around the globe.

Thomson Reuters Elektron Products:

Elektron as a Service

Elektron as a Service offers a suite of global hosting capabilities, letting you focus on aspects of your business that generate the largest returns, while leveraging a fully managed set of infrastructure, data and application solutions to support trading.

Elektron Real Time Data

Get real time market data with our low-latency feed, as well as analytics, news, evaluated pricing, reference data, tick history and third-party content.

Tick History

Provides 2 petabytes of microsecond, time-stamped tick data – dating back to January 1996 – covering more than 45 million OTC and exchange-traded global instruments. Accessible through the Web or with a common programmatic interface.

Enterprise Platform

Enables firms to integrate data from any source and to enrich and validate those sources of data, to create proprietary prices, analytics and other content, and to feed all of that content into any type of workflow application

Machine Readable News

The industry’s most advanced service for automating the consumption and systematic analysis of news and social media. It delivers deep historical news archives, ultra-low-latency structured news and leading-edge news analytics.

Data Feed Direct

Ultra low-latency direct feeds offering full tick depth-of-market data from the most liquid global exchanges, available as a fully managed service.

Thomson Reuters Autex Trade Route

One of the world’s largest global FIX-based order-routing networks, delivering order flow of 2 billion shares per day in equities, options and futures, as well as FX and fixed income trades.

FX Matching

FX Matching is an anonymous electronic matching application for the foreign exchange market. This suite includes Thomson Reuters Forward Matching, Thomson Reuters Spot Matching and Thomson Reuters Matching for Prime Brokerage

Thomson Reuters Autex

Streamline workflow and improve executions with Thomson Reuters Autex Indication of Interest (IOI) and Trade Advertisements.