Food Security

Proactively detect, analyze, and respond to developments in global food security with comprehensive data and powerful analytical technology

By harnessing comprehensive datasets, analytical tools, and human expertise, our food security solutions help bring predictive clarity to a complex, globally interconnected phenomenon.

Food Security Products


Breaking news from 2,600 trusted Reuters journalists, Datastream’s best-in-class global macroeconomic data to support historical analysis and forecasting, robust international commodities data and insights, extensive global/local supply and trade information through interactive maps, and accurate early crop forecasting from the Lanworth team.

Thomson Reuters MarketPsych Indices

Convert the volume of news and social media into manageable information flows and leverage sentiment analysis to enable real-time monitoring of global events and early crisis detection.


Thomson Reuters Special Services (TRSS) delivers Thomson Reuters enterprise content, innovative tools, and unique talents that U.S. security and intelligence agencies use to provide global risk intelligence and detect threats.


Food security is inextricably connected to land rights and land use. Aumentum simplifies the entire land and tax administration function for governments around the world. Provides a flexible, scalable solution for automating tax, valuation, registry, recorder, cadastre, and mobile data collection activities.