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Westlaw China is a powerful legal research tool customized for legal professionals who specialize in Chinese laws. Our editorial team comprises lawyers and experts with years of experience in legal work. The team carefully reviews and organizes laws & regulations, as well as court cases of mainland China, to provide users with well-processed legal information and value-added data services.

Containing both a Chinese and an English database, Westlaw China is designed not only to provide users with accurate and bilingual legal information, but also to satisfy customized needs of both Chinese-speaking and English-speaking users. Westlaw China is updated daily, ensuring the currency and accuracy of the information.



Comprehensive Collection of Laws and Cases
One-Stop-Shop legal research tool
Practice Oriented Legal Topics and Case Headnote
Help users analyze the key legal issues reflected in the judgments
Guiding Model Contracts
Help users with their contract drafting needs
Articles from Highly Practical Perspectives
Offer a practical perspective on the understanding and application of law
Market Leading Current Awareness
Inform users of industry trends and business opportunities in a timely manner
Quality English Translations
Reliable English content
Advanced Search Functions and Customized Services
User friendly and easy to use