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Westlaw® Japan has significant coverage with “versioned” legislation, more than 240,000 case abstracts and full-text cases, decisions, legal books, journals and news articles, along with sophisticated search and display functionalities. It helps attorneys, corporate legal experts, as well as academic and government constituents, to stay up-to date and manage their duties effectively and efficiently.

Westlaw Japan brings together Westlaw and Japan's leading legal publisher, Shinnippon-Hoki.



Huge number of cases
We have more cases than any other competitor
Editorial value-added to contents
Easier search
Latest Cases within 60 days
Only one click to check the cases within 60 days from top page
Legislation Flag System
Users understand at a glance whether the legislation is effective or not
Past or future version of legislation
Our products have past or future version of legislation--not just current versions
Legislation effective date search
Past or future version of legislation directly, not only current versions
Bridge to third party product
More various and complex content

Technical Specifications

Speed of Update

2 or 3 days to update which is faster than competitors

Legislation version compare

Compare different versions of all legis

Table of Contents

Display sections

Legislation Calender

Calender about effective date of each legislation

Alert for all content

Automatic information system when legislation is/will be changed

Customized service

Automatic and frequent same search and information system for all types of content

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