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Westlaw Malaysia provides case law coverage from the All Malaysia Reports and Unreported Judgments and it is the first local online service to be hyperlinked to the extensive coverage of Cases, Legislation, Journals and Current Awareness. A case analysis document is prepared for each case reported which allows the user to understand the importance of the case they are reading and to ascertain how each cited case is treated by the reported case.



Westlaw Malaysia provides unparalleled case law coverage. It includes All Malaysia Reports (AMR), All Malaysia Commercial Reports (AMCR), All Malaysia Tax Cases (AMTC), Borneo Law Reports, Personal Injury Reports and Unreported Judgment.
Westlaw Malaysia contains federal legislation, subsidiary legislation and selected constitutional documents currently in force. Legislation that is enacted but not yet in force is also included.
Westlaw Malaysia contains an enviable and constantly growing collection of authoritative analytical commentary texts - including the most trusted titles in Malaysia - all delivered on an intuitive, cutting edge platform, ensuring you have the right tools at your fingertips with flexible package options to suit your requirements.
Current Awareness
Stay up to date with the latest legal developments using Westlaw Malaysia Current Awareness, integrating legal service provision with the ever changing legal environment.
Westlaw Malaysia offers featured articles from Asian Legal Business and The Law Review.
UK & International Content
Westlaw Malaysia offers the most comprehensive UK legal research resources, as well as India and Singapore resources.