C-Track Court Case Management

Capture, track, process, and report on cases from filing through disposition

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C-Track, the innovative case management system developed by Thomson Reuters Court Management Solutions (TR CMS), keeps cases moving efficiently through your court. C-Track provides a total court solution by integrating our e-filing, case management, and public access solutions with other court applications.

TR CMS has been a leading provider of court case management solutions for over a decade – and is now backed by the more than 150 years of Thomson Reuters’ court and legal experience. Courts around the country have adopted our solutions because they are configurable, easy-to-use, and save time and money.



Integrated solution
Integrating our case management, e-filing, and public access systems with your existing applications creates a comprehensive total court solution
Highly configurable
C-Track can be configured to your court's needs so it intuitively follows your unique rules and processes
Rules-based automation
Document generation, calendaring, ticklers, and more are automated based on your court rules - creating a more efficient and accurate process
Extensive reporting
C-Track reports offer visibility into the court's work, which allows for better benchmarking and performance tracking as well as creating awareness with the public
C-Track can send electronic copies of court documents to the relevant case parties, providing more efficient communication and saving the court time and money