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Thomson Reuters Legal Tracker (formerly Serengeti Law) is the #1 system for matter management, e-billing and analytics in corporate legal departments worldwide

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Utilized by more than 1000 corporate law departments, Thomson Reuters Legal Tracker is web-based software used to manage matters, invoices, budgets, status reports, and documents from outside counsel firms. Legal Tracker holds the largest collection of e-billing, matter management and live-rate analytics information, with detailed data on attorney performance that includes costs, staffing, duration, predictive accuracy, and evaluations by clients.



Tracker is preferred by both in-house counsel and outside counsel.
According to recent surveys by major professional organizations, Tracker is the highest-rated system for electronic invoicing and matter management. It was named the most widely used system and best value, and it earned the highest overall satisfaction rating from both law departments and law firms. As a result, the General Counsel Roundtable selected Tracker as the first solution in its preferred vendor program. When it comes to objective measures of user preference and system performance, Legal Tracker is the conclusive winner.
Tracker provides e-billing and matter management in a single system.
Tracker was built to manage all of the significant information generated during the life cycle of a legal project. With Tracker, there is no need to cobble together different systems and vendors or deal with the inevitable resulting gaps and inconsistencies. The system allows you to monitor deadlines, documents, budgets, exposure, status, and results all in one place.
Tracker does not impose hidden fees or law firm charges, which generally come back to you.
Other vendors charge law firms for e-billing (up to $3,500/year/client or 2% of your bills). Firms generally recover these charges from you, either directly or indirectly. Because we never charge law firms, the overall cost often is significantly less than other systems. And our inclusive monthly fee covers all ongoing services, including support, new user training, and upgrades.
Tracker connects you with all of your law firms, large and small, foreign and domestic, as well as with your non-law firm vendors.
While other systems connect only the largest U.S. firms, Tracker connects 100% of your law firms, big and small, foreign and domestic. With more than 250,000 users in 192 countries, Tracker is the largest legal network in the world. As a result, you can track all your work in one system and be assured of complete management reports.
The comprehensive SOC 2 type II and SOC 3 certification of tracker supports law departments’ Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.
Tracker is the first e-billing/matter management vendor to receive a comprehensive SOC 2 Type II and SOC 3 certification. This review is an independent confirmation of the quality and effectiveness of our overall practices in safeguarding the data of our law department customers.
Tracker is actually used by lawyers and can quickly connect you with your outside counsel.
Tracker was built by lawyers for lawyers. With an intuitive interface, extensive online help, and online training that is accomplished in just one hour — it is one of the only matter management solutions actually used by lawyers and paralegals. Other systems are primarily for billing staff.
Tracker automatically handles foreign currency bills, reporting, and user preferences.
Tracker is the best system for managing multiple legal offices and firms worldwide. For years, multinational law departments have used it to process electronic bills in foreign currencies, separately track value-added and other taxes, and create financial reports. Individual users choose their currency preferences for viewing all financial information.
Tracker regularly adds new features to meet the evolving best practices of the profession.
Our special relationship with the Association of Corporate Counsel and the General Counsel Roundtable, as well as its network of more than 250,000 users worldwide, gives us unique access to significant developments in the profession. The latest best practices are built into upgrades throughout the year, provided at no additional cost to all Tracker users.