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Thomson Reuters Aranzadi offers solutions for legal firms, customers and IT management. Solutions focused on legal practice include legal information services, legal research tools, plus tools that facilitate mobility, as well as management solutions aimed at talent through a wide range of online courses.



Customizes and manages information
Service integrated with intelligent search
Support tool for professionals in litigation
Provides arguments for rival claims
Captures and cultivates loyalty and helps to position
It helps to get and retain customers and to be effective

What We Offer

  • Wide range of global solutions distributed in the next categories: Legal Practice, Firm Management, Talent Management, Management Customers and IT Management
  • Thomson Reuters Aranzadi has a wide range of solutions for professionals that allows them to cover all their work process
  • Legal Information Solutions: The biggest and most complete offer of tools for Legal Research.
  • Magazines and books: The biggest offer in our market of publishing about legal information. All of our publications are publishing in both print and ebook  (“DÚO” format). Print & eBook are included in the price to combine the advantages of print and the new electronic format Thomson Reuters ProView (fast research, special index, add personal notes and marks, etc..)
  • Courses and training solutions: Thomson Reuters Formación is our specialized, practical and updated to the latest market news training.
  • Software solutions: Aranzadi Infolex is the software management solution for Law Firms that adds value to the legal process. Our team will advise you for customization, implementation and commissioning management solution best suited to Law Firms and Corporate. Designing you plan to change management approach it as an opportunity for growth for your business. You control efficiently all aspects of daily legal activity your company. With all the experience in legal data now coupled with leading technology to achieve sound decision making according to the organization of your company and the set of processes that interfere.