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ELLIS Publications' OJ OnlinePlus is the single point of access to enhanced European Union law materials and press releases from the Commission and many principle European institutions. One screen delivers historical documents from the official legal database of the EU, plus the latest updates from Eur-Lex, Curia, Prelex and Rapid.

Containing documents from 1951 to present day, OJ OnlinePlus is the all-in-one online service for up-to-date, enhanced and fully cross-referenced EU legal materials.



Updated every 24 hours. Pdfs of Official Journals are updated on the evening of publication with full text incorporating cross-references to related documents loaded the following day.
In-line links
Provides extensive linking to cited documents without additional searching.
Intuitive search forms with search tips
Ensures direct access to information. Searches across the whole database or sector-specific search forms for searching particular parts of the database. Advanced searches available for expert searching.