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Tailored to the regional market, our legal research service Thomson Reuters Westlaw™ Middle East is powered by Thomson Reuters flagship international offering, Westlaw™. Locally based legal experts offer clients a complete service to support their legal research needs. Core content includes a database of commercially applicable Arabic laws of the UAE, cases from the UAE jurisdictions and a weekly update on news and insights for the regional legal industry. Content on Westlaw™ Middle East is available in English and Arabic, and translations are carried out by expert legal professionals. Westlaw™ Middle East also offers the Lexgulf library of laws and books - unique content that dates back more than 30 years.



Intuitive search
Saves you time and money
Continually housing new and amended laws
Ensures you are referring to the latest version
Offers you weekly current awareness bulletins
Helps you stay in touch with your industry and up to speed with any changes
Offers you the Business laws of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman
Sets you up with the fundamental laws you need to do business in any of these territories
Core to our service is a database of commercially applicable Arabic laws of the UAE; cases from the UAE jurisdictions, commentaries
Equips you with all you need to practice law in the UAE with added intelligence as to how to best interpret the laws from regional experts
Translations are carried out by a team of regional in-house legal experts
You can rely on the accuracies of our translations
Lexgulf law library offers unique legal content dating back 30 years
Information you can't find anywhere else and a long history of collating and working with laws from the region

Advantages of Westlaw™ Middle East

Custom searching

Search far and wide with the click of a button. You can use our free-text search capability to search within legislation, cases, citations, practice areas or regions as well as our local current awareness and news coverage.

Create your own folders

Allows you to save documents related to a case, topic, client or subject area in one place. As you search you can tag documents and they will be added to the folder that you choose.

Fast and easy to use

Our intuitive functionality brings you the search results you need, easily and quickly saving you time and money.

Allows you to save, print and email

All documents or parts of documents can be emailed or saved as Word or PDF files. And to help save you time, you can print all your saved documents in one go. Description can print all your saved documents in one go.

Result filtering

Once your search has generated results, you can filter across multiple areas dependent on your preference or further refine your search results to find that vital piece of information you are looking for.

Allows you to keep track of your latest searches

The Trail option allows you to see all the searches you have performed and the documents you have viewed in the last 14 days.

All related content has been hyperlinked

This means that if one case you are working with refers to another case within the system, they will be linked. Similarly if a piece of legislation refers to another or amending piece of legislation, they too will be linked. What difference does this make to you? It allows you to run a well-rounded search, where you can navigate to other relevant pieces of information instantly.