Business Development Premier

Business Development Technology that Changes the Game


Business Development Premier is a game-changing solution to help law firms win more business in a time when firms must differentiate themselves like never before. More than a traditional CRM system, this new platform uncovers buried opportunities and delivers real-time insights to develop and win new business. Unprecedented automation gives you faster implementation and better data than is possible with other solutions. Now you can deliver more marketing value and prove it with next-level campaign management for the entire lifecycle. And automated data enhancement provides significantly deeper client insights to business developers and marketers alike. 



Enterprise Relationship Management (ERM) technology automatically uncovers and deduplicates client data from address books, email traffic patterns, calendars, and CRM data, with no data entry required.
Radical CRM automation, rapid implementation
Enterprise relationship management (ERM) technology uncovers 3-5 times more contacts and enhances the data beyond an email address for a more complete profile including name, title, and more—with automatic updates when anything changes.
Better marketing data with less effort
Built-in best practices to manage campaigns through every step of the legal marketing lifecycle – planning, engagement, conversion, and measurement.
Next-level marketing to deliver and prove more value
Experience management tools to help you capitalize on your firm’s collective knowledge.
Better pitches to win more business
Company profiles, information about “who knows whom,” and competitive intelligence pushed to lawyers mobile devices.
Deeper client insights, on the go