Powerful financial and practice management features and built-in application development capabilities

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3E offers powerful financial and practice management features and built-in application development capabilities—all seamlessly integrated into one high-performance system. A full suite of capabilities are delivered through a consistent web-based user experience that allows you to easily track and manage activity on a multi-office, global scale.

Each screen in 3E is collaboration enabled, allowing for ad-hoc input and comments from other individuals; and workflow-enabled, so firms can automate processes in accordance with established policy. 3E’s financial and practice management capabilities are further enhanced with powerful metrics, analytics and reporting tools for valuable built-in performance management.


  • Finanical Management: Provides comprehensive financial management solutions —including general ledger, purchasing, accounts payable, collections, fixed assets, trust accounting and time tracking
  • Performance Management: Set performance goals and evaluate operating results on a multi-dimensional basis using flexible metrics, and reporting and analysis tools
  • Practice Management: Automate your practice operations with powerful and flexible conflicts search capabilities and integrated records, case and calendar management
  • 3E Mobile: Access information for data analysis, input data such as time entry, track and manage activity, and optimize performance from anywhere, anytime


  • Streamline the full range of your firm’s accounting and financial reporting activities
  • Gain better visibility into business performance and quickly measure results and projections
  • Simplify workflow, maximize your business, and improve customer service
  • Gain the mobility and flexibility you need to compete in today’s fast-paced world