Case Logistix

Reduce e-discovery cost and risk with one of the fastest document review tools available


Case Logistix provides e-discovery teams with a more complete view of original documents, plus metrics to verify throughout every stage of the process. You’re able to quickly organize, review, analyze and produce anything from paper to Electronically Stored Information (ESI) – significantly reducing costs and mitigating risks associated with e-discovery.

With intuitive navigation and review features, such as Intellifolders and a configurable workflow, Case Logistix is easy to manage, secure and scalable.



Intuitive Design
Case Logistix has a familiar look and feel to other common office tools.
Native Review
Examine documents in true native, near native, TIF, and PDF formats, for more precise review designations and to ensure that key formatting and metadata are not missed.
Case Logistix lets you customize the tool so you can review in a way that meets the need of the case – rather than forcing the case to adjust to the application.
Built on a Microsoft® SQL database foundation, you have the ability to scale from single server/desktop configurations to robust multi-server solutions storing many millions of documents.
You can control security at folder, document, data, and functional levels – ensuring that users see only what they need to see and do only what they need to do.
Global Capabilities
Display text translations next to original documents, search using Unicode character sets, find and review foreign language documents, localize to particular languages as needed, and localize menus and dates for global review teams.
Cost Reduction
With an intuitive user interface and the automatic organization of documents, your e-discovery team spends less time both learning to use the tool and administrating and prioritizing documents, and more time being productive.
Advanced Search
Case Logistix lets you build complex search queries and search across all fields, text, and notes without the need to understand Structured Query Language (SQL).

Tech Specs

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