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Case Notebook™ is a centrally accessible and fully searchable electronic case file that lets you & your team organize, analyze and share essential case information such as research, transcripts, documents, pleadings & more.

Streamline your workflow by adding annotations with your own notes & predefined, color-coded issues, which allows you to easily track important information. Then develop your case strategy by using the Key Facts tool.

You can also receive real-time feeds of deposition testimony via LiveNote Stream; import transcript/exhibit bundles created in West Publisher™, & convert data and images from another application through Westlaw WayPoint™.

Case Notebook easily integrates with Westlaw®.



Quickly and easily make case connections
Assign color-coded issues, key facts, and make notes on important case information. Then run reports to view your case in a global way.
Find litigation documents faster
All documents – including scanned documents and PDFs – are searchable. Just type and click.
Easily access and analyze research
Send legal research directly from Westlaw® to your case file or start a research session from Case Notebook. Also include annotations from Westlaw. Make connections among law, facts, and evidence.
Seamlessly display case events
The integrated West Case Timeline™ feature allows you to automatically build and modify graphical timelines.
Dominate depositions
Receive realtime feeds of deposition testimony, so you can mark up transcripts as you go; realtime refresh ensures you are working with the most accurate transcript. You are also able to hyperlink your exhibits to your transcripts and import the entire bundle.
Integrates with the applications you use every day
Send emails and attachments from Microsoft Outlook to your case file – and easily integrate information into Microsoft Word, Corel® WordPerfect®, PowerPoint®, and more.
Access files anywhere, anytime
Remote access options let you and your team work on your electronic case files wherever and whenever it’s convenient and ensures they are always working off the same page.