Solcara lets you target and search internal databases and external legal information resources simultaneously

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Simultaneously search multiple resources using world-class information retrieval technology. With Solcara, your internal databases and your external legal information resources can be brought together into one smart, simple and streamlined system that is tuned to the needs of your legal department or individual practice group.

Solcara's search technology helps lawyers and information professionals quickly glide through content from a variety of sources such as Westlaw UK and Practical Law, bringing back precise results.

Our knowledge management solution integrates with your own document management system and lets you capture, elevate and sort all your internal documents in one place such as checklists, precedents, practice notes and templates.   



Store searches that may need repeating later
Improved speed and accuracy of search with a single point of access
Tag return results that are of interest
Targeted, fruitful and comprehensive results
Bookmark search results by practice area and resource
Consistent and easy to search syntax
Create a virtual folder containing collections of relevant findings
Better working environment due to smoother research process
Share collections with colleagues via email or upload to your intranet
Deliver rapid ROI with some users reporting 100% more usage
Classify and organize content by Legal Subject, Document Type, Jurisdiction, Industry Sector and any other criteria
Greater access to colleagues' knowledge and experience, reducing duplication of effort
Bookmark and tag documents, creating dynamic collections
Decreased risk by providing a controlled environment in which all items are quality checked and frequently reviewed
Save searches and create search links that can be embedded into internal systems
Increased efficiency as time spent researching and drafting documents decreases
Support the capture, profiling, classification, browsing and searching of your know how
Ability to map and cross reference all authoritative content used by the law firm empowering internal information experts
Integrate with your own commonly used document management system
Minimal IT infrastructure and resources

Solution Components

Legal Search
Solcara Legal Search uses the Solcara Federated Search technology, designed to help you and your legal teams quickly access all the information you need so you can work smarter and achieve results faster.
Know How
A knowledge management application that has been especially designed for professional service firms.