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Thomson Reuters Expert Witness Services provides unsurpassed resources for selecting and researching expert witnesses. By combining our vast resources and networks, we help connect litigators with subject matter experts to create a more efficient workflow. With expert placement and intelligence reporting services, you can feel certain that you’ve served your client well.

With access to a network of more than 100,000 witnesses, Expert Witness Services can find the right expert witness in every subject.

Our staff includes attorneys, research librarians and certified recruiting professionals who are trained to find the most qualified witnesses. They remain actively involved through the entire process to ensure your needs are being met. 



We provide unsurpassed resources for selecting and researching expert witnesses.
This allows you to focus your time on developing a winning case strategy.
Our highly trained staff conducts exhaustive searches to provide you with as much information as possible about each candidate’s qualifications and experience.
Utilizing our resources saves you time and money
Expert Intelligence Reports provide deep background information to help you research and challenge witnesses.
Helps you evaluate an expert’s credibility and potential bias by thoroughly researching the expert’s record.
No charge for a search – unless you retain an expert we refer.
Best of all, there’s no charge for one of our thorough searches – including resume reviews and arranged interviews – unless you retain an expert we refer to you.
We take care of every step in the process.
We handle every aspect of finding an expert witness. All you need to do is interview and choose the one that best meets your needs.
Our level of service and expertise is unmatched.
Our process is simple and the results extraordinary.