Trial Court Documents

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Easy access to a multitude of pleadings, motions, supporting memoranda and jury instructions from all 94 U.S. district courts, 92 of 94 federal bankruptcy courts and selected filings from trial courts in all 50 states, culled from civil and criminal cases.

Trial Court Documents allow you to:

  • Find new ideas and approaches
  • Develop winning pleading, motion strategies, and arguments
  • Better understand appellate opinions by reviewing underlying facts
  • Gain a competitive edge by identifying actions the opposition might take



We have selected filings from trial courts in all 50 states
Trial court-level filings are culled from the most populous counties in each jurisdiction, and include: Cases with heavily-litigated topics, High-value cases, Cases with jury verdicts or settlements. This helps to ensure you’re not wading through irrelevant filings when doing research.
While reading a trial court document on Westlaw, you can easily link to other relevant content from the same case
You have the ability to complete your research from a trial court document with links to: Related dockets, Appellate briefs, Other pleadings and motions, Attorney and judge profiles, Cited cases, statutes and regulations, All judgments and cases associated with the trial court document you’re reading.
Various search options to find relevant filings
On Westlaw, you have the option to run a global search for documents relevant to an issue, party, judge, attorney, etc… or, you can go into the trial court documents tab and narrow by jurisdiction and topic.