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The genesis of intelligent information is the intersection of superior content and the intuitive tools that deliver it.

The Thomson Reuters La Ley portfolio includes: online research platforms, software (workflow solutions), books and eBooks (Thomson Reuters Proview), training (onsite or online), newspapers and specialized journals, and a directory of professionals.



Online Research Platforms
La Ley Online and Abeledo Perrot Online are the online legal information platforms that best adapt the way you work. The agile and intuitive tools enable you to access the most relevant content saving time, increasing productivity and efficiency, and delivering value to your clients. Powerful search engines help you navigate across all core legal content and find exactly what you are looking for. These solutions combine cutting-edge technology with the editorial excellence obtained after 75 years of experience in the local legal business. Our information gives you the conviction to make confident decisions.
Software (Workflow solution)
Whether you have to handle administrative tasks, manage legal files, keep track of deadlines or attend to your clients, Infolex Gestión Estudio has everything you need to keep all your work organized. Specifically designed to meet the needs of midsize law firms, Infolex is a single integrated legal software solution that helps automate your practice and run your business from one place: your PC. It lets you easily manage, streamline, store and access information while simplifying file search, so you can have quick access to critical content when you need it the most. Plus, it offers smart tools to schedule your appointments, retrieve or create your own documents or file e-mails thanks to a comprehensive integration with Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel. Infolex Gestión Estudio is the backup you need to increase your efficiency and boost the productivity of your law firm.
Books and eBooks (with Thomson Reuters Proview app)
Our 76 years in the legal business gives us the expertise that professionals need to face challenges in their jobs. What makes Thomson Reuters La Ley the legal leading company in the region is our diligent editorial process. From the moment the information is collected, through the classification, summarization, analysis and the value our experts add to contents, to the printed books ready to be sent out to our stores, every step is carefully carried out. Our collections include Treaties, Statutes, Rules, Codes and Manuals gathered in different book collections for students and professionals: Professional Collection, Premium Collection and Students Collection. Every title offers in-depth analysis with a specialized and multi-disciplinary approach so you can have more tools to support your practice or your studies. These added values are one of the many reasons why our book collections have become key reference materials in the legal, private and public sectors. Because we understand that professionals needs change fast, our books are also available on Proview. In the office or on the go you can have your most trusted books, anywhere, anytime.
Training (onsite and online)
Professionals have to work in an always changing environment and need to stay up-to-date with the latest news. Our training sessions help you develop new skills and enrich your legal expertise on a wide range of topics. We offer onsite or online training sessions so you can choose what suits you best, both conducted by recognized and experienced specialists in the field. With the online training sessions (conducted via the Internet and telephone) you can learn wherever you are, whenever you want and during the time you like.
Specialized Journals
We offer a wide range of journals and articles that help professionals stay up-to-date in legal matters on every practice area.To ensure every aspect of your practice is covered, they include opinion editorials, experts commentaries and analysis on doctrine, case-law and legislation. Many of these publications are also available online and easily accessible via La Ley Online. Our top titles are: Anales de Legislación Argentina, Revista Derecho del Trabajo, Revista Derecho de Familia y de las Personas, Revista de Derecho Penal y Criminología, Jurisprudencia Argentina, Legislación Argentina, La Justicia Uruguaya
Diario La Ley is the top product in our vast portfolio. Its 76 years of history and experience in the legal field have shaped its prestige in the business. That´s why professionals choose it as their main reference material of legal information, every day. The most recognized and respected authors and collaborators contribute to offer their knowledge, understanding, interpretation and commentary on different legal subjects. So you can have not only the latest news but also a reliable, accurate and current source of information to backup your vision on the legal landscape.
Professional Directory
Directorio de Abogados (DAB) is the largest online directory of law firms and attorneys of Argentina. Whether you are looking for legal counseling or to connect with your peers across the country, DAB is the right tool for you. Search law firms or attorneys and access reliable information about their practice areas, records or associates profiles. Be part of a community of more than 6.000 legal professionals and give advice, interact or share your expertise and ideas.

Suite Components

  • La Ley Online
  • Infolex Gestión Estudio
  • Books: Professional Collection, Premium Collection and Students Collection
  • E-books
  • Onsite and online training sessions
  • Specialized Journals
  • Diario La Ley
  • DAB, Directorio de Abogados