Small Law Firm Business Development

Solutions to help small and solo law firms grow

Our business development solutions allow law firm attorneys to develop sophisticated online marketing strategies to connect and engage with prospective clients.

Thomson Reuters also provides analytics allowing attorneys to better understand key clients and industries, their legal needs, and potential opportunities for new engagements.

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Small Law Firm Business Development Products:

Monitor Suite

Monitor Suite is a complete suite of solutions specifically designed to help you strategically find – and win – new business, both by adding new accounts and getting more legal work from existing clients. You'll know about trends first.

FindLaw Blog Services

A primary driver of online visibility and traffic is fresh, relevant content. FindLaw provides blog customers with a market-leading dashboard, tools and training to enable easy, effective blogging. Also includes our Blog Content Services.

Findlaw Legal Services Directory

Provides the most comprehensive set of legal resources on the Internet for attorneys and law firms. Its Legal Market Center houses an expanded directory of businesses and individuals that provide legal products and professional services.

Super Lawyers Print and Online Products

Attorneys need visibility, and Super Lawyers provides exposure in print and online. Print advertising gives you longevity in Super Lawyers Magazine, and online advertising on gives potential clients immediate information.

Findlaw Display Advertising

FindLaw’s Display Advertising allows law firms to reach highly motivated visitors, whether they are conducting initial research or looking for a lawyer. Advertising with us gives firms an online presence that reaches their target audiences.

Findlaw Paid Search Advertising

FindLaw’s Paid Search Advertising program, also known as pay-per-click (PPC), is a simple solution that allows firms to market to potential clients online when they search with keywords and phrases. Our experts save you time and money.

FindLaw Media Services

FindLaw’s media experts create and produce award-winning commercials, as well as customized media planning and buying strategies to hit your target audience with extreme precision. Helps you manage media spending more efficiently.

FindLaw FirmSites

FindLaw’s line of websites gives you an online presence you can build on while attracting clients who are looking for you right now. We design your website to establish your Internet identity and provide you with optimal visibility.

Westlaw Singapore

Westlaw Singapore give you key analytical resources including Singapore Civil Procedure and Walter Woon on Company Law, as well as the latest company law resources and current awareness. Lawyer Directory

The FindLaw Lawyer Directory is part of and offers advertising solutions that give firms maximum exposure. An easy-to-use database, it allows users to search by legal topic and location to find lawyers who meet their needs.

FindLaw FirmSite Mobile

FindLaw’s mobile product provides users with instant access to critical information about your firm when they need it most. Leverages responsive design to render an appropriate view of your website based on the visitor’s device.

Westlaw Malaysia

Westlaw Malaysia provides case law coverage from the All Malaysia Reports and All Malaysia Electronic Judgments and it is the first local online service to be hyperlinked to the extensive coverage of Cases, Legislation, Journals and Current Awareness.

FindLaw Conversion Solutions

Provides a range of services to complement a firm's existing online marketing activities and help turn engaged prospects into clients. Voice Connect ensures attorneys never miss a call and lets you connect with prospective clients.

FindLaw Social Media

We’ll give you the basic tools and training to set up, optimize and integrate your firm’s profile across key social channels. We’ll get you onboard with the biggest, highest trafficked platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.