Findlaw Display Advertising

Harness the power of to reach qualified prospects and fortify your brand image


Every month, millions of people visit to research a legal need or find a lawyer. Our reach and legal focus provide people with resources to explore thousands of legal topics, locate attorneys and discover answers to their legal questions. FindLaw’s Display Advertising allows law firms to reach these highly motivated visitors, whether they are conducting initial research or looking for a lawyer.

Advertising on gives firms an online presence that reaches their target audiences while branding the firm’s image. Interactive, eye-catching ads allow the firm to position itself as the industry expert for a particular area. 



Creatively showcase the law firm
Complement the firm’s brand in front of qualified potential clients with highly graphic, visually appealing advertisements.
Target the ideal client base
Receive an immediate, prominent place on at the precise moment clients are making decisions to hire a lawyer.
Measure success
Track the cost per lead and return on investment of the advertisements.
Maximized exposure
Get in front of potential clients throughout including our Learn About the Law section, news pages, blogs and more.