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The FindLaw Lawyer Directory is part of, the preferred legal destination on the Web, with more than five million visits a month. Every day highly motivated consumers seek out legal information and resources through’s forums, blogs, guides and more. FindLaw offers law firms a broad range of opportunities to get in front of this qualified audience of potential clients who are conducting initial research or looking to find a lawyer.

The Lawyer Directory offers advertising solutions that give firms maximum exposure. Designed as an easy-to-use database, the directory allows users to search by legal topic and location to find lawyers who meet their legal needs. 



Access to a ready-to-hire market
Each visitor to the Directory has already taken action to look for an attorney, making them very likely to hire a lawyer.
Ideal client base targeting
Targeted advertising by a law firm’s practice area and geographic location attracts the best clients at the exact time they’re looking to hire a lawyer.
Showcase a law firm’s expertise
By highlighting their areas of expertise and specific geographies, firms can attract the attention of the most-qualified potential clients who are learning about a legal issue and searching for an attorney.