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Bulletin Pro is an easy-to-use product that lets information teams set up and manage alerts across numerous online subscription services, RSS feeds, websites, social media, and even internal systems. The result? A flexible solution to deliver everything from simple content alerts to the creation, management and publication of newsletters and bulletins. It ensures that your organisation is better informed and up-to-date on the issues that affect your business and that of your clients.

Using federated search technology, newsletter content is automatically retrieved according to saved filters determined by information teams. Content can then be edited and amended, adding value and expertise, and promoting only the most highly relevant articles.




Bring all of your internal and external information sources together using one central administration tool
Deliver up-to-date information to your free earners and PSLs
Choose to pull content from pre-populated feeds, such as Practical Law updates, Westlaw alerts, or Lawtel updates
Empower your colleagues to create simple alerts on their own stored queries, contribute by sharing their stored queries to shared topics, or simply sign themselves up to receive existing alerts
Manage automated content to ensure that stakeholders only receive what is relevant to them
Increase awareness of what is going on in your practice area
Create individual and grouped alerts by practice area, client needs, topic, etc., then manage and distribute the content based on your stakeholders' information requirements
Empower information teams to collate new articles across resources and quickly review, edit, and promote the content
Set your own update frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.), distribution lists and delivery method (email, Web page, RSS)
Maximise investments in subscriptions services, enterprise search, document management, intranets, SharePoint, LMS, and Know How
Annotate your chosen content, adding valuable commentary to meet your client's specific information needs, then edit and preview before sharing
Save valuable time automating manual tasks and expand the skills of information teams within your organisation
Deliver by styled template to include your house style, logo, and branding
Provide expert commentary to your clients with highly specific, regular updates, tailored to their needs
Monitor, organize, profile, and distribute information to colleagues and clients in a way that is unique to your organisation in a fraction of the time
Give your clients a quick and easy way to consume news so they can spend more time doing what they do best
Keep a thorough audit of "who has received what and when"
Prevent information overload by sending your clients consolidated scheduled updates. Enhance your reputation as a market leader of legal services in their business sectors.