Westlaw UK insight
Westlaw UK Insight is a dynamic and ever-expanding online encyclopedia of UK law and your perfect starting point for legal know-how.
Unrivalled case law coverage
Case law from some of the UK’s most renowned reporting series with close to 400,000 case reports and transcripts dating back to 1220.
The complete legislative picture
The complete legislative picture
Over 130 book and loose-leaf titles
Analytical commentary from the entire Common Law Library and a large range of market-leading books and loose-leafs.
Vast collection of journals
Over 100 journals and access to abstracts of every article in every English-language legal journal in Europe via the Legal Journals Index.
News to keep you in the know
News to keep you in the know
European Law
EU and international material.
Up to date information you can trust
Current awareness updated every 15 minutes.