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Thomson Reuters Core Publishing Solutions provides end to end content production and delivery solutions that help publishers faced with smaller budgets and fewer resources manage the day to day production and distribution requirements of their business.

Our solutions are customized to meet the specific needs of your business. The One Partner - One Facility solutions enable publishers to get content to their customers in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.

As your partner, we will provide the essential information, insight, productivity tools, and solutions you need to make it easier for your business to be successful.



Full scale offset and digital book production in the same facility
Easily switch between offset and digital production on a title by title basis and ensure consistency of quality on digital reprints that were originally printed offset
Custom run times on a title by title basis
Get your books when you need them, not when the vendor says you can have them. If our standard 10 business day run time (one of the shortest in the industry) does not work, we will complete your offset or digital run, perfect bound or case bound, in 5 business days
Subscription services for mailing lists
Save time and money by shipping subscription orders directly to the customer as soon as the content is produced instead of to a mailing or distribution center
Warehousing and Inventory Management
Store your books in the same facility they are produced, receive detailed reporting regarding orders and inventory; manage your inventory and reduce inventory costs by using different reprint strategies; save time and shipping costs by not shipping books to a separate distribution warehouse
Order fulfillment - picked, packed and shipped anywhere in the world within 24 hours
Below market UPS shipping rates save publishers tens of thousands in shipping costs yearly, customers can receive their orders before books are even received by a distribution warehouse
Retail and wholesale account management - Orders received, confirmed, invoiced, shipped, reported and money collected from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Ingram, Baker and Taylor, PubNet and thousands of other retailers
Eliminate the need for a stand alone distribution warehouse, shorten the time it takes to get your books into the distribution chain
One Partner and One Location Solutions for production, fulfillment, distribution, warehousing and inventory management
Maximize the value of each one of your titles; streamline your internal processes and make them more efficient and cost effective by working with one vendor; decrease inventory costs by utilizing robust reporting options and different reprint strategies