Improve regulatory change management

Compliance Risk

Improve your understanding of the regulatory change around you, and enhance your ability to manage that change with Thomson Reuters Compliance Risk Solutions

Compliance Risk

Compliance Risk Products:

Compliance Learning

Customized online compliance training from Thomson Reuters, designed to fit your organization’s unique needs, and including anti-money laundering, diversity, sensitivity, and HIPAA courses.

Compliance Management

Thomson Reuters solutions help you to reduce the burden of compliance management.

Compliance Training

Help employees recognize real-world issues through Thomson Reuters compliance training courses, covering such topics as anti-money laundering, diversity, and HIPAA.

Conflicts Compliance

Streamline your employee supervision and code of conduct compliance management with Thomson Reuters Conflicts Compliance, and manage heightened global regulatory pressure.

FATCA Compliance

FATCA compliance requires foreign financial institutions - not just the tax department - to report information about financial accounts held by U.S. taxpayers to the IRS or national tax body.

Policy Management

Thomson Reuters solutions help to simplify all aspects of policy management across your business.

Regulatory Change Management

Thomson Reuters Regulatory Change Management helps your teams perform impact assessments with a connected approach to the regulatory change management process which involves a high level of engagement and coordination among compliance professionals.

Regulatory Intelligence

Regulatory intelligence refers to the process of gathering, monitoring and analyzing regulatory information and data to track developments in the changing regulatory environment.