Thomson Reuters World-Check

Thomson Reuters World-Check is a highly structured database of intelligence on heightened risk individuals and organizations. Widely adopted by the world’s largest financial institutions and corporates, World-Check intelligence supports the Know your Customer and Third Party Risk compliance process in areas such as PEP monitoring, sanction screening, AML/CFT risk, and anti-bribery and corruption. The World-Check data is used within Thomson Reuters Risk Management solutions for transaction monitoring, enhanced due diligence and client onboarding.  World-Check risk data is accessed through Thomson Reuters’ award winning platforms and software applications as well as selected partner applications.



High quality research
With World-Check you are screening your clients, suppliers and partners against a high quality, and strictly monitored risk database.
Targeted risk screening and monitoring
Features are available to allow for customizing and streamlining the information flow according to business needs and risk appetite.
Part of the due diligence process
Auditable proof to support the process of complying with regulatory requirements.
A range of access methods
A choice of access methods enables organizations of all sizes to use World-Check data for compliance and remediation.
Profile subjects
All profile subjects have the right to contact World-Check to request a copy of the data held on them and to request that we consider updates or corrections as appropriate.*

*Our profile subject access process is set out in our World-Check Privacy Statement available here: Our clients are also encouraged to inform their counterparties that they intend to conduct a World-Check search against them prior to conducting such search.