Certified Implementer Program

The Tax & Accounting Certified Implementer Program is a training and support service for leading accounting and consulting organizations to provide implementation assistance for some Thomson Reuters software products.

Certified Implementers directly help multinational corporations with consulting and start-up for Thomson Reuters software, including select ONESOURCE products.

Certified Implementers will help end users:

  • Provide successful product implementation
  • Offer process efficiency consulting
  • Manage risk of implementation 

Program Overview

As our solutions become more sophisticated and integrated into day-to-day workflows, it's crucial to maintain the unparalleled support our clients expect and deserve. The Certified Implementer Program provides specialized training and knowledge to ensure successful project implementation of some Thomson Reuters software.

The program provides a framework for qualified member organizations to fully collaborate with Thomson Reuters and effectively satisfy our customers' needs.

Implementers provide process improvement, integration, and implementation services to all users.