International Trade

Research, compliance & planning solutions for professionals in international trade, import/export and customs

For members of the international trade community, research materials, support and tools from our Boskage, WorldTrade Executive and WG&L experts are now available together on Thomson Reuters Checkpoint, the leading online information service for tax, accounting and finance professionals. We understand that yours is a complex and ever-changing industry, and so our products are updated as laws, policies, government texts or supplements change. 

International Trade Products:

Thomson Reuters Checkpoint

Blends cutting-edge technology, editorial insight, time-saving productivity tools, online learning & news updates with intelligent linking to related content and software. Thousands of tax and accounting professionals rely on it every day.

ONESOURCE Global Trade

Built with world-class technology, backed by our leading industry experts, ONESOURCE Global Trade works hard to make international trade much simpler by automating routine tasks, giving you more time for what really matters. It is the first truly global trade management solution.