ONESOURCE Global Trade

Supports confidence and adds visibility across the entire global trade management process


Built with world-class technology and backed by leading industry experts, ONESOURCE Global Trade simplifies the entire global trade management process by automating routine tasks and opening up the opportunity for global trade professionals to focus on value added activities. Your company can achieve a new level of accuracy, compliance and efficiency that saves you time and costs with the first truly global solution of this kind. ONESOURCE Global Trade offers a comprehensive suite for operating, controlling and managing the following foreign trade modules: Import, Export, Special programmes, Free Trade Agreements (FTAs), Restricted Party Screening (RPS) as well as Trade Finance.

Thomson Reuters has more than 1200 clients from different industries, such as: Automotive, airlines, telecommunications, electronics and IT, agriculture, chemicals, pharmaceutical, healthcare, oil and gas, food and retail among others.

This market leading solution is the first truly global trade management solution.



Intelligent information
ONESOURCE Global Trade offers integrated software for Free Trade Agreements, Restricted Party Screening, and Special Programs that save on costs and ensure compliance. Our market leading Classification Engine ensures your product classifications are accurate.
True localization
In-country subject matter experts design your localized product to meet local needs. Local processes provide features to satisfy local regulations and regional content to support country-specific business requirements.
Always up to date and in real time
Regulation changes are always updated in real time globally.
Seamless ERP integration
Integrates with all ERP's, creates custom integration and operate seamless in multiple ERP environments
Single Global Instance
Access to data from all business units in a single global instance
Single Global Partner
With more than 60,000 employees operating in over 100 countries across the world, Thomson Reuters services are uniquely positioned to meet your global trade needs.

Solution Components

This solution consists of the following components

Import Control

  • Control of customs clearance
  • Control of costs and expenses
  • Process control of import
  • Control knowledge shipment
  • Receipt of goods visibility
  • Discrepancies control
  • Packaging control
  • Control of shipping
  • Anti-dumping/ CVD controls
  • Bonded warehouse programs
  • Other Government Agency (OGA) documentation

Free Trade Agreements (FTAs)

Integrated software and content solution that allows companies to determine whether goods they produce are eligible for preferential treatment and duty rates under FTAs.

Export Control

  • Export Control/ Documentation
  • Export Custom Clearance Control
  • Process Control of Export
  • Shipping documents control
  • Packaging Control
  • Document Generator Control
  • Control of Commodities
  • Certificates of Origin
  • Export Determination & Licensing Control
  • Integration of Accounts Receivable
  • Invoice consolidation

Content Solutions

Primary source material (laws and regulations), guides, expert / editorial analysis, updates, alerts, news, journals / periodicals, practice aids, and content management tools; in print, online, and electronic formats

Special Programs

  • Import and Export Control Forecast
  • Validation and Reconciliation Goods Balance
  • Alerts and Reports

Trade Finance

Integration with FXall, our institutional electronic platform for foreign exchange trading.

Restricted Party Screening (RPS)

Commercial relationships hide risks that can jeopardize a company. Be safe with your local and global business partners, and conduct your business transactions with security, identifying risks and protecting your company’s reputation.

Thomson Reuters presents RPS (Restricted Party Screening), a solution fully integrated with the company’s Corporate System (ERP), allowing the validation of business partners (customers and suppliers), backed by Thomson Reuters World-Check, the most comprehensive and widely-adopted source of structured intelligence on heightened risk individuals and organizations, and is available through ONESOURCE and Checkpoint platforms.