Tax and Accounting for Accounting Firms

Broaden your services and move your firm forward with accounting solutions

Transform the productivity of your accounting practice and provide the highest level of service to your clients. Our solutions help you meet client needs and ensure you keep up with the latest research and your continuing education. Just ask our clients. The top 100 CPA firms in the U.S. rely on Checkpoint. More than 50,000 accountants and tax professionals use our CS Professional Suite. And our other regional accounting solutions help professionals all over the world. 

Tax and Accounting for Accounting Firms Products:

Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE

ONESOURCE helps you address the complexities of tax and compliance on every level. Across 180 countries, our tax software programs and services help you stay in compliance, avoid penalties and audits, increase efficiency and save vast amounts of time.

Thomson Reuters Checkpoint

Blends cutting-edge technology, editorial insight, time-saving productivity tools, online learning & news updates with intelligent linking to related content and software. Thousands of tax and accounting professionals rely on it every day.

CS Professional Suite

Together or individually, these tax and accounting solutions can help you do anything from solving a single problem to transforming your entire firm - and anything in between. The scalability makes them a great fit for firms of any size.

Checkpoint Learning Webinars

Experts in their fields present the latest developments in tax, accounting, auditing, risk assessment, Yellow Book, and more, right to your desk -- all you need is a high-speed internet connection.

Digita Professional Suite

For all your tax and accounting needs, Digita software provides a fully integrated suite of best-of-breed software for UK-based accountants and tax professionals, helping over 2000 firms of all sizes.

Editora Revista dos Tribunais

We offer solutions focused on legal content for professionals and law students through books, subscriptions and research tools. Our portfolio includes Revista dos Tribunais Online (online research platforms), law books and more.

myPay Solutions

With myPay Solutions, your client gets an advanced, comprehensive, and personal payroll service. You get integrated detailed payroll journal entries from your clients' payroll that seamlessly flow into Accounting CS.

PPC Self-Study CPE Courses

Provides convenient self-study courses on a variety of Accounting & Auditing and Tax topics, all based on materials in PPC Guides. Course materials can be downloaded at no cost in PDF format; you can also earn CPE credit.

Checkpoint Learning Premier CPE Package

An easy-to-use, affordable solution that lets field practitioners conduct a rapid inventory of de-facto land rights and issue documentary evidence attesting to those rights. Offers robust document storage & includes version control.

Checkpoint Learning Courses

MicroMash and PASS Online comprise a library of more than 300 interactive online courses available exclusively on the Checkpoint Learning platform. Our curriculum combines the latest in computer technology with advanced coursework.

ONESOURCE Trust & Estate Administration

Our software modules work together as an integrated system or can be used independently as standalone products to meet your individual needs. Our preparation services will simplify & standardize your court accounting and tax preparation.

Checkpoint Learning

Provides CPE compliance tracking, learning management, curriculum development and much more. You can purchase and complete courses directly from Checkpoint Learning, either individually or as part of a subscription package.

ONESOURCE Tax Information Reporting (1099)

We offer corporations a complete U.S. Federal and state or Canadian solution, including TIN Compliance, withholding management and industry training. The 1099 software is Web-based and easily accessible from wherever you work.

PPC In-House Training

We offer courses and modules designed to build complete training programs at your firm, to fit your staff needs & business goals. We also offer materials for those who prefer to lead their own in-house training programs.

Thomson Reuters Onvio

A new cloud-based tax and accounting solution that redefines the concept of integration with a centralized database and a flexible, modular approach.