Tax and Accounting for Government

Optimize your resources, your revenues and your public service

Meeting everyday challenges with creative solutions is what the spirit of government is all about. Here’s one: How do you manage your land and tax administration process more efficiently? Automate it with our Aumentum to help you maximize revenues and improve efficiencies. Plus, we offer Checkpoint, the world’s leading online database for tax professionals, including an array of research and analysis on tax law around the globe. Let us help you streamline and improve your government service. 

Tax and Accounting for Government Products:

Thomson Reuters Aumentum

Aumentum simplifies the revenue management lifecycle for governments around the world. Provides a flexible, scalable solution for automating your entire land and tax administration function.

Checkpoint Learning Webinars

Experts in their fields present the latest developments in tax, accounting, auditing, risk assessment, Yellow Book, and more, right to your desk -- all you need is a high-speed internet connection.

Checkpoint Learning Premier CPE Package

An easy-to-use, affordable solution that lets field practitioners conduct a rapid inventory of de-facto land rights and issue documentary evidence attesting to those rights. Offers robust document storage & includes version control.

Checkpoint Learning Courses

MicroMash and PASS Online comprise a library of more than 300 interactive online courses available exclusively on the Checkpoint Learning platform. Our curriculum combines the latest in computer technology with advanced coursework.