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Monique Villa

CEO of the Thomson Reuters Foundation

Monique Villa


Monique Villa is CEO of the Thomson Reuters Foundation and Founder of TrustLaw and Trust Conference. Since her appointment in 2008, she has transformed the foundation, launching a number of programmes that leverage the expertise of Thomson Reuters to trigger change and empower people across the world. These include TrustLaw, the foundation's global pro bono programme dedicated to spreading the practice of pro bono, and Trust Conference, a fast-growing movement to fight slavery and empower women worldwide.

Under Villa, the foundation also covers the world’s under reported stories, and offers training and media development to strengthen free media globally. Villa has been ranked among the world’s 100 most influential people in Business Ethics by Ethisphere. In 2015, she received the Champions for Change Award for her vision and effort in the fight against human trafficking and modern slavery, and was the recipient of ECPAT-USA’s inaugural Freedom Award in 2017, recognizing her leadership in the fight to end child trafficking.