Tax firm directory

As part of our initiative to help small businesses, we have provided for you a list of tax & accounting firms. These firms are well versed in money matters and can act as a strategic advisor, or even as a “CFO on-demand,” for many small businesses looking for guidance on expenses, financial planning, and money management.

The below directory contains those who have completed the Practice Forward program (“Practice Forward firms”). These firms have the equipment to be trusted advisors, and they affirm their commitment to the following objectives/values:

  • We recognize reaching out to a tax & accounting firm for assistance/guidance can be intimidating, and these Practice Forward firms are committed to guiding you towards your success
  • Their goals are the achievement of your goals
  • These Practice Forward firms have a history of being able to scale their service levels to meet the needs of customers
  • These firms assist business owners from all backgrounds
  • These firms recognize the full potential of the business community can only be reached when each owner’s background and perspective is brought forward

* Please note, the Practice Forward firms are independent third parties from Thomson Reuters. Thomson Reuters provides the list of Practice Forward firms for informational purposes and does not make any representation or warranty concerning the content, products, or services offered by the Practice Forward firms. Please exercise your judgment and due diligence in selecting the firm that meets your needs.

Employee Retention Credit Eligibility Tool

Quickly and accurately advise your business clients on relief options. The Employee Retention Credit Tool helps to determine if your business clients may qualify for the credit and otherwise do not qualify for or will not take a PPP loan. Or share the link with your business clients for them to use.